NTPD is a simple and beautiful way to store notes in your Ableton Live sessions. It has useful features like popup note windows and the ability to change the background colour of individual NTPDs to distinguish between individual notes.


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There's not much to it really, NTPD lets you store text based notes with your Ableton Live set. Use it to store things like the key of your song or production notes about what you still need to do or even save it with your set before you share it with a friend so they have some notes about what you're working on.

Simply click in the main text field (the white space on the right) and start typing your note. You can, of course, have multiple instances of NTPD in any set.

NTPD has some other handy features too, accessed via the controls down the left side of the device. In top to bottom order you can:

  • Open a persistent popup window for your note so you can still see it when switched to another track
  • Change the colour of the note's background (including the background of the popup) so you can easily tell different notes apart within the same set
  • Adjust the width of the note (including the popup) so you can see more text
  • Adjust the size of the text so your grandma can also read your notes (or not!)

You'll find similar M4L notepads around but none that pack this much beauty and function into one device.



  • You'll get a single .amxd file which can be dragged and dropped directly into Live from anywhere on your hard drive, or you can set it up within a folder in Live's browser to access it quickly.



Please read information about the licensing of this product here.

(c) 2016, Thomas Glendinning