MFB is a collection of MFB-522 analog drum machine samples. The MFB-522 has a sound reminiscent of the TR-808. Its incredibly punchy and warm and sounds great in any production.


  • Ableton Live 9.7+
  • Ableton Live Lite, Intro, Standard & Suite

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A friend let me sample his MFB-522. This is the result.

The MFB-522 is an analogue drum synth very reminiscent of the Roland TR-808. It has quite a few adjustable controls and I have tried to capture some of the nuance of the device.

For each drum hit on the device there are multiple controls - I’ve sampled each control at 4 different settings and each hit 4 times (round-robin) to capture the range of sounds possible from the MFB. On the MFB, some of the sounds have up to 2 separate controls to adjust the sound, so 4 settings for each control plus 4 round-robins on each setting equals 64 samples for some hits like the kick and snare which I think gives a pretty good representation of the sound.

I’ve organised the samples into an Ableton Drum Rack with Macro controls mapped for each drum sound as well as global Macros for the volumes of each sound.

The samples are also available separately for use in other samplers. The files are in .wav format and should work with any sampler.

The samples are recorded at 24-bit, 44.1kHz because to my ear that's what sounds best.



The samples used in MFB are available to download for FREE. Click here, and enter '0' to download the samples for free.



  • You can either download the samples only, for use in any DAW or the samples plus the Ableton Drum Rack to quickly get started using the sounds in Ableton Live.
  • There is a Readme file included with each download to help you get setup quickly.



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(c) 2016, Thomas Glendinning