INSPIR is a device to help you overcome creative hurdles by providing you with explicit musical suggestions to implement in your production. Click the 'Demo' link below to see how it works.


  • Ableton Live 9.7+
  • MaxForLive 7.3.3

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Have you ever felt stuck with no idea what to do next? Or perhaps you're paralysed by the sheer number of directions you could take with whatever production you're working on? INSPIR is here to help.

Based on a similar concept to Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies but far less oblique and much more direct, INSPIR helps you to overcome creative hurdles by presenting you with an explicit musical idea or concept to implement in your work.

INSPIR is a MaxForLive device so it works directly inside Ableton Live - you can drop it on the Master Track of your project then simply click on the interface to generate a random musical inspiration - you don't even have to leave your DAW. The inspirations range from distinctly musical terms like:

"RETROGRADE : Reverse the order of a phrase"

"MAJOR : Use only major chords"

To terms that are slightly more open ended like:

"PERCUSSION : Use only percussion, even for melody"

"SAMPLE : Use a sample"

I've found INSPIR incredibly useful in my own work, it's helped me countless times to get out of a creative block and keep creating music, I hope it helps you just as much.



There is a lite version of INSPIR available with a limited number of inspirations and only the 'Writing' and 'Arranging' categories so you can give the device a try before you buy. Click here to download INSPIR Lite.



  • You'll get a single .amxd file which can be dragged and dropped directly into Live from anywhere on your hard drive, or you can set it up within a folder in Live's browser to access it quickly.
  • There is also a Readme included in the download to help you get set up.



Please read information about the licensing of this product here.

(c) 2017, Thomas Glendinning