DRONES & NOISES is a collection of field recordings and synthesized drone sounds. What good are a bunch of noises you say? Click the Audio Demo link below to find out 😉


  • Works with anything that can read .aif samples (most audio production software).
  • The samples could also be converted to .wav

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One major problem with music made entirely 'inside the box' (only with a computer and no external sound sources) is that it can often sound 'too clean' or sterile. One of the beauties of the analogue medium is its inherently characterful sound - you'll be hard pressed to find an analogue device without a little bit of characterful noise or texture that gives your sound a unique space and feel.

Artificial noises and field recordings can be used to add texture and depth to almost any production whether its your latest left-field experiment or the next pop hit. Check out this article from liveschool for some good examples of the benefits of noise.

Why stop at just textures though? Noises and drones can even be used to create characterful synth sounds with defined pitches:

Creating Instruments from Found Sounds

For some great examples of artists who effectively use noise and drone in their music check out the following links:

Flying Lotus - Los Angeles

Actress - Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion

Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven

Tim Hecker - Virgins



This pack contains field recordings I have collected, recorded from multiple different sources using my iPhone, Zoom H5 or whatever other recorder was handy. The pack also includes noises and drones that I have generated using Ableton Live and various synths and FX.

You can have a listen to some excerpts of the samples here.

And have a listen to a track made entirely with the sounds from this sample pack here. The Ableton Live Set for the song is also included in the download of this sample pack (Droneship 001.alp).



  • 2 separate .zip folders including 35 minutes of samples between them in .aif format (at various bit depths and sample rates due to different recording mediums)
  • The samples are organised and labelled to work really well with your iTunes Sample Library but you can also use them directly from your file browser.
  • Drag and drop them into your favourite DAW to get started.
  • Also included with the download is "Droneship 001.alp" which is a demo Ableton Live Set made entirely using samples from this pack. Once downloaded, double click the .alp file to unarchive the set. Feel free to use the presets and sounds within the Set for your own productions.
  • You can download each file separately or download the whole pack depending on what you want.



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