B3 is a Hammond B3 organ emulation using MaxForLive and native Ableton Live FX to authentically recreate the sound of the classic vintage organ.


  • Ableton Live Suite 9.5+
  • MaxForLive 7+


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The Hammond Organ needs no introduction - its sound can be heard in countless genres from Rock to Gospel to Jazz and the instrument has played a huge part in the development and sound of modern music.

If you've ever been frustrated about having to deal with massive samples libraries to get that Hammond sound, then B3 is for you! B3 is a fully synthesised emulation of the original Hammond organ, no samples at all. (Just take a look at that download size!) And it sounds GREAT!

B3 contains 8 stops, similar to the original Hammond as well as a 3-stage vibrato, and percussion to get that classic Hammond sound. It is combined with several native Ableton Live devices to create a chain that replicates how an original Hammond might have been setup: Organ -> Amp -> Spring Reverb -> Leslie Cabinet.

Now, to be honest, I've never had the great fortune of playing on a real Hammond so I'm only going by the sound of some classic records but to my ears it sounds pretty darn good!



You'll get one .zip file containing an Ableton Live preset and a MaxForLive device. You can drag and drop the preset into Live from anywhere on your hard drive to use.



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