Friends of ELPHNT

If you enjoy what I do with ELPHNT you should really check out these other awesome websites.



pATCHES make some super fun GIF-based Ableton tutorials, like this one on the '10 don'ts of ableton live'. They also have a number of Ableton Packs to download.

Go check them out at



Ableton Certified Trainer Brian Funk has some amazing resources for Ableton available at his site, AfroDJMac. You'll find sample packs, presets, instruments, tutorials and his awesome Music Production Podcast. Check out the episode featuring your's truly!

Go check out AfroDJMac at


Bedroom Producer's Blog

BPB is one of my personal favourite sites for music production. They focus on a broad range of music production tools, not just Ableton Live. The absolute best part of the site though... their insane listing of Free VSTs and Free Samples to download!

Go check out Bedroom Producer's Blog at