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I'm always looking to improve what I make so that you can make the best music possible but I can't possibly think of every need or situation for my devices. Therefore it is incredibly important to me that I get feedback from my users on what you need and how you're using my devices. I value and read every piece of feedback I get and will try and take the time to respond.

If you have feedback or suggestions for a particular device or requests for a device or pack you'd like to see, use the form below to submit your idea / request. I really appreciate your valuable time and input.

*before submitting your feedback, scroll down to the bottom of this page to see a Roadmap of future plans I already have for some of my packs - perhaps your suggestion has already been included in these.

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Send Feedback

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Please leave your name so I know who to refer to you as if I need to mail you back for more input.
Which product do you want to give feedback on? If you want to request an entirely new device you can choose that from the menu too.
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Some plans for the future...

Below are some plans that I already have for new devices or updates of older devices, listed in alphabetical order. If you have any particular features you'd like to see in an existing devices or you have requests for devices you'd like to see, please let me know using the form above.


  • Add new CYM (cymbal) modules and improve the sound of the existing CYM modules
  • Add a pitched kick module, probably called PTCHD KCK, obvs 😁
  • Create a set of 808-style DRM CIRCTS


  • Add a Left / Right splitter so you can add different FX to the left and right channels of your sound
  • Add a Mid / Side splitter so you can add different FX to the middle and centre channels of your sound
  • Create some multi-band presets, i.e. multi-band saturation 


  • The next instalment of the SYNTHS series will be a collection of pad sounds
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