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My goal has always been to provide high quality music production resources like Ableton Live Packs and tutorial videos and to be able to provide them at affordable prices, or even better yet for free! However, it takes a lot of time and effort to create these packs and videos.

Like most people I need to eat, pay rent, and pay bills to keep my lights on. There are also hard costs to running a business like web hosting and software licenses. At the moment I make some money from selling packs and basically zero money from videos which means I can't focus all my time on creating these resources for you.

In order to get to a point where I can focus entirely on creating music production resources I'm going to need a bit of help. In addition to buying one of my packs there are a number of different ways you can show your support.


Ways To Support


My personal favourite way to help out is Patreon, a website that lets you support creators on an ongoing basis by contributing a set amount at defined intervals, either monthly or whenever a new piece of content is created, kind of like an ongoing Kickstarter.

As a thanks for your support you get access to exclusive content, discounts and early releases only available to Patreon supporters (Patrons). Visit the link below to learn more and read about some of the awesome rewards available to my Patrons.



If you'd prefer to make a one time donation the best way to do that is via PayPal. Use the link below to visit my page where you can donate any amount in whichever currency you prefer.

Bitcoin Donations


Because I'm SUUUPER nerdy 🤓 I also accept donations via Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum. If you're into that sort of thing you can send something to the following addresses:

  • BTC: 12budjoMLL4ShL7ZmaYmw5YVDf2L9ysz32
  • ETH: 0x670305be5ee965b62c99094Ef2A949c7bfC39A3C

I'd recommend using Litecoin or Ethereum though as the Bitcoin transaction fees are quite high.


I really, really, really appreciate any support you can give. Remember that no donation is too small and even if you can't afford to make a donation, even just sharing one of my packs on social media is a big help 🙏🏻 Thanks! Help me to help you keep on making awesome music!

Tom, aka ELPHNT

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