ELPHNT (pronounced 'elephant') is a place for music makers using Ableton Live. Here you'll find Ableton Live Racks and Presets, MaxForLive devices and sample packs as well as video tutorials and articles filled with goodies to help you make awesome music.

The tools I create are based on my experience and things I find useful in my own production workflow but I have tailored them to be adaptable to any style or workflow. I always like to hear how people are using the tools I make so please get in touch on Twitter if you make something fun with a tool you've found on this site.

Go forth and make awesome music!


Who Am I?


Hi, my name is Tom. I am a computer musician and Ableton Certified Trainer from Cape Town, South Africa, now based in London. My journey in music began in 2003 when I first learned to play the drums but now I spend most of my time dabbling with computer music and its various tools.

I have been teaching music production with Ableton Live since 2012 and have been an Ableton Certified Trainer since 2013. I have taught privately as well as with various institutions including Point Blank, London and SAE Institute, Cape Town where I created the syllabus for and ran the Electronic Music Production diploma and degree courses for 2 years.

My weapon of choice is Ableton Live with the Ableton Push but I have knowledge and experience with Logic, ProTools and many different kinds of outboard gear and hardware. I spent several years working as an engineer in professional music studios and have performed in various bands as both a drummer and electronic performer.

When I'm not doing music I experiment with visual mediums and have worked in graphic and visuals design and performed as a VJ.